Looking for Romance Novels in all The Wrong Places? Try Getting Them Delivered

There’s no question that romance novels are one of the greatest, most moving escapes from the drudgery of everyday life that we have available to us.
And, not only do these books transport us to a world of fire and fantasy, they can also reveal important things about their readers as people, and make us think about our own relationships. Romantic dynamics are complicated and murky (and that’s part of the thrill), so reading from the romance genre can really aid us in putting things into perspective as we observe, objectively, fictional relationships on paper.
Alas, the romance genre is a bit of a victim of its own popularity; it’s hard to write such complex interactions well, after all, so many romance authors fall into using tired, cheesy cliches and hackneyed plot-lines. Wouldn’t it be great if someone would do the work of wading through the romance novel slush-pile for you?
Good news: Someone can. The service known as eBooks4Udaily is dedicated to selecting a handful of well-written romance ebooks available on Kindle on a daily basis. Readers can get this list of romance kindle books sent directly to their inbox by subscribing to the daily newsletter, or browse an extensive existing collection of romance ebooks here.

To further help romance readers pick material suited to their tastes, eBooks4Udaily provides three scores: a Readability Score (1-5), Quality Score (1-5), and Affordability Score (1-5), so as to help customers discern between novels as they get their daily romance books delivered.

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