Looking for a New Year’s Resolution Worth Keeping? Try Books

Many people make New Year’s resolutions to better their bodies—to exercise, to eat healthier, to lose weight—but what about bettering our minds?
There is, after all, an easy and enjoyable way to do so: Just read books. Reading has been proven to stimulate the brain, to enhance one’s capacity for analytical thought, to improve focus and concentration, to reduce stress hormones within the body, to improve the vocabulary, and of course, it increases one’s knowledge base.
To keep yourself on track with your reading resolutions, you’ll need to find a steady stream of good books; bad ones will make this task very dull very fast, after all, and your resolution to read will likely go the same way as most people’s resolutions to live on salad and wheatgrass juice. To save yourself the time and hassle of weeding through endless books, in search gems, try signing up for; this service lists 5 great books that are discounted by Kindle, every single day.

Ebooks4UDaily also provides scores to help guide your choices: A Readability Score (1-5), Quality Score (1-5), and Affordability Score (1-5). When weighing up any book purchase, it’s always a balancing act between price (let’s face it, if you read a lot, book expenses can really add up), quality, and that intangible “something” known as readability—how engaging and immersive a book is. The aforementioned score system can help you choose books based on which of these three factors matter the most to you.

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