01_13_2015_MoonFall_A.G. Wyatt

MoonFall 13 Jan

It’s been twenty years since the world came to an end. The day Earth’s moon exploded, the dark of night took on a whole new meaning and existence became a matter of who could survive in the new world. Noah Brennan has been surviving alone,…

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01_12_2015_The Spookshow_Tim McGregor

The Spookshow 12 Jan

Life used to be normal for Billie Culpepper. Drab even. That all that changed after an accident left her in a coma for three days. That’s when the spookshow really began, when Billie realized that she could see the dead. And the dead could see…

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01_11_2015_OMEGA Exile_Stephen Arseneault

OMEGA Exile 11 Jan

For two thousand years, the Human run empire known as the Alliance of Major Planets (AMP) brought peace and stability to the five galaxies surrounding and including the Milky Way. Advances in technology, and a strong set of fair laws, had allowed a peaceful expansion…

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01_10_2015_The Paranormal 13_Christine Pope

The Paranormal 13 10 Jan

THE PARANORMAL THIRTEEN 13 14 full length paranormal and urban fantasy novels featuring witches, vampires, werewolves, mermaids, psychics, Loki, time travel and more! 1.3 MILLION words! 3,500 PAGES! Darkangel by Christine Pope Twin Souls by K.A. Poe The Girl by Lola St Vil Rest for…

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01_09_2015_Vampire Romance_Michelle Fox

Vampire Romance 09 Jan

Dawn Russell is determined to get revenge on the vampires who killed her father. Darkly handsome Malachi Jameson feels the same way, even though he’s a vampire himself. The problem? His idea of revenge is quite different from Dawn’s. She’s thinking wooden stakes driven through…

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01_08_2015_Apocalypse Weird_Nick Cole

Apocalypse Weird 08 Jan

The end of the world is only the beginning as an odd band of survivors pull together to construct a modern-day castle amid the burning ruins of suburbia lost. As undead hordes and strange otherworldly monsters ravage what’s left of civilization, things begin to go…

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01_07_2015_The Time Traveler_s Wife_C. Sean McGee

The Time Traveler’s Wife 07 Jan

A cautionary tale of love, mathematics and the innocuous. Check to make sure the price is still $0.00 before downloading the book.

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06_01_2015_Dark Prophecy_Ann Gimpel

Dark Prophecy 06 Jan

When the dream world spills its murky contents, everyone’s worst nightmares run free. Dr. Lara McInnis reads auras and flirts with an elusive ability to foretell the future. Ambivalent about the magic within her, she’s done a fine job ignoring other aspects of her power—until…

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01_05_2015_The Wanderer_s Children_L.G. O_Connor

The Wanderer’s Children 05 Jan

The Wanderer’s mission three decades ago: secretly sire children to hide his bloodline, and protect them until their destinies can unite in the final battle between good and evil. That time has come… Cara Collins, the First of the Holy Twelve, longs for one last…

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01_04_2015_A Forever Christmas_Sandi Lynn

A Forever Christmas 04 Jan

The Black family is back in this short Christmas holiday story! Join Connor, Ellery, Julia and Collin, as they prepare for and celebrate the holiday season with their family and closest friends. 18+ Check to make sure the price is still $0.99 before downloading the…

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