09_04_2014_Keeper vs Reaper_Jennifer Malone Wright

Keeper vs Reaper 04 Sep

When her father died, Lucy Mae Estmond inherited the family business. She has known all of her life that she would be in line to watch over the souls of the recently passed, keeping them safe from the Reapers. The soul eating Reapers have been…

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09_03_2014_The Lover_s Secret_J.C. Reed

The Lover’s Secret 03 Sep

A sensual new contemporary romance series by New York Times Bestselling Author J.C. Reed. Multi-millionaire Jett can have any woman he wants, but there is only one who’s ever captured his interest: Brooke Stewart, the woman he’s hired as the new project manager in his…

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09_02_2014_The Escort Next Door_Clara James

The Escort Next Door 02 Sep

Book 1: The Escort Next Door Julia has the seemingly perfect family; a successful husband and three wonderful kids. From the outside all seems well, but behind closed doors things are anything but ordinary. Julia’s marriage has become distant and she finds stunning evidence about…

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09_01_2014_Isabella_Jennifer Foor

Isabella 01 Sep

This book is part of the new Mitchell-Healy Series It can be read as a stand alone, but is enjoyed more when read in order. The first book is titled NOAH. This book contains some adult content. It is meant for 18+ readers. One year…

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08_31_2014_Wretched Chastity_Carre White

Wretched Chastity 31 Aug

Amidst the lawlessness of 1880′s New Mexico, the mayor’s wife, Mrs. Hershey, is determined to find wives for the towns most notorious and eligible bachelors. But little does she realize the magnitude of the challenges that face her, because matching perfect strangers is far more…

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08_30_2014_Loving Her Cowboy_Judy Reed

Loving Her Cowboy 30 Aug

Anna’s life is great and going according to planned. She has a great job in New York and a wonderful home that she loves. That is, until one day all of the things she has grown to love is ripped from her. She moves back…

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08_29_2014_Three Little Words_Lauren Hawkeye

Three Little Words 29 Aug

200 pages- 60 000 words Two years ago serious, sexy law student Malachi “Mal” Hunter broke wild child Adele Cavanaugh’s heart. When Mal is thrown back into her life…and she meets Dorian Marshall, the bad boy lead singer of the Australian band Three Little Words,…

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08_28_2014_Shattered Hearts_Octavia Wildwood

Shattered Hearts 28 Aug

The nightmares never stop. Amanda escaped her abusive past, but old wounds never truly heal. They scar. Meanwhile in Minnesota, siblings Nate and Maggie are struggling to keep the family farm afloat after their parents’ fatal car accident. An online job posting brings the three…

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08_27_2014_Draw_Cora Brent

Draw 27 Aug

“All my life I’d always known what the Gentry boys were. A set of fraternal triplets born to a depraved family, they were rough, sexy and wild as wolves SAYLOR… I don’t even know if love is real. After running from the bastard who brutalized…

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08_26_2014_Heart on a Shoestring_Marilyn Grey

Heart on a Shoestring 26 Aug

BOOK 4 OF THE UNSPOKEN SERIES – First Book “Where Love Finds You” is FREE! A story of two broken hearts melting into one beautiful story of self-discovery and romance…. “Dreaming of the person you want to be is wasting the person you already are.”…

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