01_24_2015_Diary of an Awkward Kid_Bolaji O

Diary of an Awkward Kid 24 Jan

The launch of an exciting and innovative illustrated new series from the perspective of an unforgettable kid every family can relate to. It’s a new school year, and Amanda AMAZon (please say it right) finds herself thrust into middle school, where lifelong friendships are formed,…

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01_23_2015_Stop Snoring Grandpa_Kally Mayer

Stop Snoring Grandpa 23 Jan

**Read this book free with your Prime or Kindle Unlimited Membership** If you have a Grandpa, you will LOVE this funny, sweet story! Stop Snoring Grandpa! Funny Rhyming Picture Book for Beginner Readers Beautifully illustrated bedtime story that children, parents, and grandparents will love! A…

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01_22_2015_The Quest_Mark Mulle

The Quest 22 Jan

GENRE: Children’s Adventure Steve is a player who can find an adventure to be had every day. However a new adventure has found its way to him. Day-to-day life in Minecraft is beginning to become speckled with strange occurrences. Half-built homes, leafless trees, overpowered mobs…

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01_21_2015_Creeprising_R.K. Davenport

Creeprising 21 Jan

This is R.K. Davenport’s follow-up to The Ender War Saga Felix and his sister Liz live in the poor district, and they’re forced to work as slaves for the wicked King Maximus. Eventually something happens, and these two siblings start a revolution. Features: -Intense Action…

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01_20_2015_The Legend_Mark Mulle

The Legend 20 Jan

GENRE: Children’s Adventure Mike – a Minecraft noob, and his friend Jerry, have taken the first steps into their first Minecraft adventure together. While things start off pretty calmly with Jerry slowly teaching Mike his first lessons in survival, mining and crafting, our two players…

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01_19_2015_Maddie Marie-Teenage Wannabe_Debbie G. Hall

Maddie Marie-Teenage Wannabe 19 Jan

Discover the joy of reading as Maddie finds herself in one hilarious adventure after another! The Maddie Marie Series will keep you laughing from page to page. Enjoy! Check to make sure the price is still $0.99 before downloading the book.

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01_18_2015_Pinocchio_Carlo Collodi

Pinocchio 18 Jan

The beloved story of a puppet who longs to be a boy—and whose nose grows with every lie he tells When the poor woodcarver Geppetto builds a lifelike puppet, he doesn’t expect it to become a willful creature who talks back, dances, and generally misbehaves….

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01_17_2015_Dragon_Finley Aaron

Dragon 17 Jan

Ilsa has been afraid of dragons ever since she saw them in the sky the night she was chased from her village as a child. Now, a decade later, she’d love to return to the place she once called home—if only she knew where to…

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01_16_2015_Anne of Green Gables_L. M. Montgomery

Anne of Green Gables 16 Jan

Anne Shirley Series #1 “There’s such a lot of different Annes in me. I sometimes think that is why I’m such a troublesome person. If I was just the one Anne it would be ever so much more comfortable, but then it wouldn’t be half…

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01_15_2015_The wonderful wizard of Oz_L. Frank Bavm

The wonderful wizard of Oz 15 Jan

The wonderful wizard of Oz (1900, c1899) – Adventure and adventurers; Wizards. Love & Lust. Check to make sure the price is still $1.99 before downloading the book.

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