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Yearn – Kindle eBook Description: Anesthesiologist resident, Veda Vandyke, returned home to achieve one goal: get in, exact revenge, get out.

But the universe had different plans.

Pregnant with her worst enemy’s baby. A dead man’s blood on her hands. A brooding police detective hot on her trail.

The problems just keep piling up, faster than Veda can handle. Desperate for escape, she’s forced to fast track her quest for vengeance, determined to destroy the last of her enemies before she starts to show.

At the top of her list? Gage Blackwater: her ex-fiancé, her boss, and the father of her secret baby. As far as Veda’s concerned, Gage will never learn about the child he’d helped create. As soon as she finishes stealing from him what he’s stolen from her, she’ll be out of Shadow Rock on the first train moving.

And she’ll never look back.

Gage, however, has different plans. Devastated by the untimely end of their engagement and fed up with seeing her face roaming the halls of his hospital, Gage wants Veda gone, and he wants her gone now. Even if it means micromanaging her to within an inch of her life, firing all her friends, and cutting her hours to the bone so she can’t afford food and shelter.

Anything to get rid of Veda Gabriella Vandyke.

Anything to get her out of his hospital—and out of his life—forever.

YEARN is an interracial novel. Triggering elements. Strong sexual content. Strong language. This story ends in a cliffhanger. The Revenge Series is written to unfold over multiple volumes.

Book 1: Quiver Book 2: Tingle Book 3: Purr Book 4: Yearn Book 5: *coming soon*

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Yearn – Kindle eBook Details:
Publication Date: January 1, 2017
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
File Size: 1497 KB
Print Length: 245 pages

Author: Trevion Burns

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