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Wimpy Adventures – Kindle eBook Description: What is it like to live your life as Steve inside the Minecraft world? Read his diary and experience it for yourself!

Minecraft Diary: Wimpy Adventures of Steve and Alex Book 1 takes you on a journey through the world of Minecraft as a complete noob and wimp named Steve seeks out adventure in his new world. But is it really his world? Or does it belong to Alex?

Grab your copy now and have fun reading about the wimpy adventures of Steve and Alex including:

Building his first house Meeting Alex for the first time The time Alex and Steve tried to kill each other What Steve saw when he accidently broke into Alex’s house How Steve’s house got destroyed Why Alex and Steve were willing to work as a team to destroy the Ender Dragon And much more!

Join Steve on his epic adventure when you grab your copy of Minecraft Diary: Wimpy Adventures of Steve and Alex Book 1 by scrolling up and clicking the buy button!

Read this entire book for FREE with Kindle Unlimited or Prime subscription! Don't have a Kindle device? You don’t even need one! Read it on your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone!

Disclaimer: Minecraft is a trademark registered by Notch Development and owned by Mojang Synergies. This is an unofficial work of fiction. The publisher is not affiliated in any way with Notch Development and/or Mojang Synergies.

Check to make sure the price is still $0.99 before downloading the book.

Wimpy Adventures – Kindle eBook Details:
Publication Date: December 8, 2016
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
File Size: 2549 KB
Print Length: 48 pages

Author: Wimpy McWimpenstein

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