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The Vorkian – Kindle eBook Description: The year is 2250. The nation, Apex. And Mazz is a regular fellah with a regular job, ​living​ a quiet life in Citizen City.

That i​s until he is compelled to head to a ​mystery secret​ facility far from his home​, where he learns that he will be trained to be a Death Doctor. Where he will live, for the rest of his life, as a Vorkian.

But how short will Mazz's life be in this new, deadly job?​

Take a quick journey with Mazz, to understand just what it takes, and everything you must give up, to become a Vorkian in Apex.​

This is a short story of about 15k words and is set in the world of The 2250 Saga.

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The Vorkian – Kindle eBook Details:
Publication Date: July 30, 2016
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
File Size: 4566 KB
Print Length: 53 pages

Author: Nirina Stone

Author Bio: "2Nirina is a reader, occasional country-hopper, and novelist. She can't stand traveling but loves to be ""somewhere else"" as often as possible. She inhales classic literary works, suspense, horror, speculative fiction and the odd comedy. Her writing may or may not touch on all of the above. As a kid, she'd often be caught under the blankets with a book and a flashlight until wee hours of the morning. That hasn't changed much (happiness = a kindle and a book light). She's one of those rare Canadians who hates snow but loves a stormy summer rain. That's led her to live in Sydney Australia with her hubby, awesome twins, and one crazy Tortie kitten. Nirina's currently working on: the final book of the 2250 Saga; a short story based in the same world as Romy; a metaphysical mystery based in a small town in Canada; a fae & hunter adventure story; a vengeful post-apoc android story; a dark retelling of a mermaid classic...and so on and so forth :-)"

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