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You Should Do VOICEOVERS! – Kindle eBook Description: Interested in making money doing voiceovers? You Should Do VOICEOVERS is the book for you. This LARGE FORMAT how-to guide is highly user friendly, with all sorts of useful Web links and downloads, and it's packed with information on getting started as a voiceover professional. You'll find step-by-step instructions on how to become a well-paid voiceover actor, including how to develop professional-level skills; make a killer demo; set up and use a high-quality, low-cost home recording studio; book high-paying gigs, sign with a great agent; and plenty more. You Should Do VOICEOVERS also comes with its own companion website,, where you'll find all sorts of links to FREE resources, including recording software downloads, Union pay rates, talent agreement and invoice templates, lists of demo producers and talent agents, videos on building a great-sounding home studio, and other resources to help you succeed as a pro voiceover actor. You'll also find our Web store, where you'll get Amazon prices on a high-quality selection of Microphones, USB audio interfaces for your computer or iPad, "studio-in-a-box kits," and all the various accessories you'll need. You can also purchase other books on the craft and business of voice acting, along with books on acting in general, advertising, and marketing for services entrepreneurs. You Should Do VOICEOVERS was written by 25-year veteran voice actor Dave Webster. Find out what he knows, in this informative, easy-to-read book!

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Author: Dave Webster

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