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Quality Score (1-5) : 3.2
Affordability Score (1-5) : 4.9

Tricky Blueberry Murder – Kindle eBook Description: While visiting her grandmother's friend at Hillside Manor, Heather learns that one of the nursing home's employees, aide Betty Shivers, was found dead outside the back door earlier that morning apparently as she was arriving for her shift.

Could the killer have been one of the other aides, who had recently--and very publicly--threatened to kill Betty? Could it have been Betty's ex-boyfriend, who had told her that their relationship wasn't really over? Only time and a little poking around will tell.

Join Heather and Ryan as they sift through the possibilities and crank out some delicious baked goods along the way.

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Tricky Blueberry Murder – Kindle eBook Details:
Publication Date: April 5, 2016
Publisher: Guardian Publishing Group
File Size: 601 KB
Print Length: 208 pages

Author: Susan Gillard

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