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Readability Score (1-5) : 3.1
Quality Score (1-5) : 2.9
Affordability Score (1-5) : 2.4

Tasted and Tempted – Kindle eBook Description: Tasted and Tempted includes 10 bestselling FULL LENGTH novels.

Better When It Hurts by Skye Warren Delicate Ink by Carrie Ann Ryan His by Jenika Snow Homeward Bound by Golden Czermak Incandescent by River Savage Losing an Edge by Catherine Gayle The Prince & The Player by Tia Louise Thin Love by Eden Butler Throttle Me by Chelle Bliss Storm by Nina Levine

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Tasted and Tempted – Kindle eBook Details:
Publication Date: December 11, 2016
Publisher: Bliss Ink LLC
File Size: 11689 KB
Author: Chelle Bliss

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