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Super Mario Run – Kindle eBook Description: Ever wonder what it would be like to experience life as Mario from the INSIDE of the Mushroom Kingdom? Well, now you can!

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The Diary Of A Mario Bro: The Story of a Plumber, Green Pipes and a Princess (Book 1) takes you on a hilarious and captivating Mario adventure in which Mario travels through all 8 worlds of the original Super Mario Bros game!

Follow Mario as he makes important discoveries like: •Magic Mushrooms and their strange power! •How to handle angry mushroom-looking men. •Why someone has been leaving all these coins around! •Flying Turtles! •Plants with giant teeth! •Green pipes that lead to very very strange places. •Giant Castles •And much, MUCH more!

Follow along with pictures of Mario travelling through the worlds with actual pictures from Super Mario Bros. The Diary Of A Mario Bro: The Story of a Plumber, Green Pipes and a Princess is a must-read for any kid or nostalgic adult who loves Mario Bros or Nintendo. Kids ages 5-12 (even reluctant readers) can't wait to “jump and run” into this Super Mario Bros adventures!

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Super Mario Run – Kindle eBook Details:
Publication Date: November 20, 2016
Publisher: EJO Publishing
File Size: 2359 KB
Print Length: 44 pages

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