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The Slush Pile Brigade – Kindle eBook Description: On his thirtieth birthday, Nick Lassiter has lost his girlfriend and his job, is wanted by the police, and has discovered that his unpublished thriller, Blind Thrust, has been stolen and turned into a blockbuster movie called Subterranean Storm. Even worse, the movie is based on a soon-to-be best-selling novel by Australian thriller writer Cameron Beckett, one of the world’s biggest brand name authors. Rather than seek revenge through a financial settlement or public humiliation, Lassiter sets out for New York to obtain mea culpas from Beckett and his renowned literary agent, whom he is certain colluded with the Aussie in stealing his debut novel.

Once in New York, Lassiter, and his three quirky fish-out-of-water friends who insist on accompanying him, instantly run afoul of the law and other powerful forces intent on thwarting them and their mission. As they encounter one thorny obstacle after another, the scope of their inquiries expands and they are soon in way over their heads, battling toe-to-toe not only against the mega-best-selling author and his agent, but a formidable army of antagonists, including the NYPD, Beckett’s Big Five publishing house security squad, and the Russian mob. Collectively, these adversaries present Lassiter with the greatest—and deadliest—challenge of his life.

Unexpectedly aided by his CIA father, Director of the Russian Counterintelligence Desk, and his former girlfriend turned CIA-informant, Lassiter and his comrades take to calling themselves the Slush Pile Brigade. Outmatched and outgunned, they are foiled at virtually every turn but still they are determined to win. But will justice be attained? Can they prove that Beckett and his crooked literary agent have stolen Lassiter’s blockbuster novel and are undeservedly reaping the success? And more importantly, will they solve one of the most important counterintelligence cases in CIA history and actually live to tell about it?

The Slush Pile Brigade is comparable to the modern suspense novels of Daniel Silva, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, Ken Follett, Stephen Hunter, David Baldacci, and Kyle Mills.

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The Slush Pile Brigade – Kindle eBook Details:
Publication Date: September 15, 2015
Publisher: Samuel Marquis Books, LLC
File Size: 3656 KB
Print Length: 3656 KB

Author: Samuel Marquis

Author Bio: "Samuel Marquis works by day as Vice-President - Hydrogeologist with an environmental consulting firm in Boulder, CO, and by night as a thriller writer. He is the author of ""The Slush Pile Brigade"", ""Blind Thrust"", ""The Coalition"", and several other modern and historical suspense novels. Born and raised in the Mile High City, Samuel was, to put it mildly, an absolute hellion as a youth. He was so greatly feared for his prowess at throwing snowballs at cars, buses, and other motorized conveyances that the corner of 3rd and Race became widely known as ""The Devil's Corner."" He attended Bromwell and Graland Country Day School in these tumultuous years and was known for chasing girls (literally because they were running away from him), his blazing slapshot, and, of course, his sneaky quick stick in lacrosse, which would later go on to earn him the moniker ""Sneaky Sam"" and ""The Spider"" in his Men's Lacrosse League, which he participates in on Sundays to this day. He graduated from Fountain Valley High School in Colorado Springs in 1979 and Denison University in the tiny hamlet of Granville, Ohio, in 1983, where he co-founded the fledgling ""Denison Journal of Geosciences,"" earned his B.S. in Geology, and graduated with co-honors as the top geoscientist in his class while traipsing around from one Grateful Dead concert to another within a five-hour drive from the college."

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