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Shadows of the Midnight Sun – Kindle eBook Description: This novella contains the first act from the novel Shadows of the Midnight Sun. It contains some additional dialog and some other small changes but was created primarily for readers who wanted to give the series a chance but weren't ready to pick up the full novel at its regular price. It offers a glimpse into the world of the Fallen, into the cauldron of darkness and hope.

And just who are the Fallen? Damaged souls cursed to an eternal life in the darkness. Some call them the Terrors, others call them Nosferatu, and others use the word Vampire. But not all the of the Fallen are evil, some rare, damaged souls still seek redemption, they still pray for it in the dark, even as they're hunted by an order of warriors from the church called the righteous fire, even as the kings and princes of the undead seek to recruit them for a final battle or destroy them for their insolence. Those who survive do so without much hope until the events of a thousand year old prophecy begin to unfold. It tells of a messenger sent to bring redemption for the Fallen, whose arrival will be known when shadows are seen beneath the midnight sun.

Spencer Andrews and I hope you'll give this series a chance. It was imagined as a true trilogy, not just three books that feature the same characters. Many events in this book foreshadow things in the later novels. Some characters who have minor parts in the first novel have much larger parts in the subsequent books. If we've done it right, the entire tapestry comes together in the end. We hope you'll take the chance and join us on the journey. -- Graham Brown

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Shadows of the Midnight Sun – Kindle eBook Details:
Publication Date: February 2, 2015
Publisher: Blue Lotus Publishing; 2nd edition
File Size: 230 KB
Print Length: 116 pages

Author: Graham Brown

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