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Pretty Hexed – Kindle eBook Description: New Revised Edition

Solving crime one spell at a time.

When Belladonna opens her door to her neighbor's cat, she's surprised to see Elsbeth Tory’s mansion engulfed in flames. In a town where being supernatural is the norm, everyone is a potential suspect.

Who would want to harm the reclusive woman?

New in town, Detective Benjamin Carmichael seems to be as normal as they come. With no powers to call his own, he sets out to investigate the old-fashioned way. In a place where almost everyone has a secret, it could be the most difficult case he has ever faced.

To make matters worse, there is something about Belladonna Nightshade that bewitches him in a most pleasant way. When modern science and good police work aren’t enough to solve the crime, it’s up to Belladonna to play the role of amateur sleuth and find justice for Elsbeth.

Will she solve the case and allow Detective Benjamin to pursue her heart?

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Pretty Hexed – Kindle eBook Details:
Publication Date: October 22, 2016
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
File Size: 884 KB
Print Length: 152 pages

Author: Sara Bourgeois

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