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Pocket Man – Kindle eBook Description: Imagine Bill Gates and Giorgio Armani started a business, then hired PT Barnum to promote it, and Larry David to tell the story. The result is this book.

Since starting SCOTTeVEST in 2000 - my clothing business built around tech-enabled pockets - I’ve been featured in thousands of major press pieces, made millions of dollars and had the most memorable appearance of the entire ABC Shark Tank show.

I started out as an unhappy lawyer, and I reinvented myself by pursuing my passions and mastering the art of passionate, personal promotion.

This isn’t a how to business book, but entrepreneurs will learn a lot from my successes and failures about how to get the attention every business needs to stand above the competition.

This isn’t fiction, but some of the stories might make you wonder if they are true. I assure you... they are.

We’re going to turn the world of media upside down, shake it and see what falls out of its pockets. You will learn lots of ways to promote yourself and your business, if you have the fire.

Welcome to my unauthorized autobiography.

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Pocket Man – Kindle eBook Details:
Publication Date: October 30, 2014
Publisher: Poodle Press; 1 edition
File Size: 2637 KB
Print Length: 237 pages

Author: Scott Jordan

Author Bio: "In 2000, Scott Jordan created SCOTTeVEST to solve a common and growing problem: He loved gadgets, but there was no easy way to carry, organize, access and protect them while he traveled. As more people joined the ""pocket revolution"" he was starting, it became clear that the mission of SCOTTeVEST extended far beyond just the multi-pocketed vest he invented. Today, his company has made over $50 million and developed a full line of tech-enabled, multi-pocket clothing for men and women that helps keep you organized, safe from pickpockets and always connected to your tech. His first book ""Pocket Man"" describes how entrepreneurs can use their unique passion for their products to leverage media to launch and sustain their businesses the way he built SCOTTeVEST."

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