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The Luckiest – Kindle eBook Description: Mackenzie Phillips thinks she’s found her happily ever after. She’s married her high school sweetheart and started her perfect family. But one tragic night Mac’s life as she knows it is ripped away from her, leaving her fairy tale existence in ruins.

When everything worth living for is suddenly taken from you, how do you keep going? People tell her how lucky she is just to be alive after that night, but she doesn’t agree.

Years pass with Mac living in a fog. Still carrying the tender wounds of her past, this widow has to face the realities of life again.

Broken and truly alone, she must find work. In walks her new employer, Dean Johnson—a guy who is just broken—whom she thinks might actually understand her. But Mac soon discovers the bond with Dean may instead force her to face demons she isn’t yet ready to deal with.

The Stubborn Love Series are companion novels. This means they can be read as part of a series or individually.

Book One - Stubborn Love - Clementine's Story

Book Two - Only In Dreams - Paige's Story

Book Three - The Luckiest - Mac's Story

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Author: Wendy Owens

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