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Laying Ghosts – Kindle eBook Description: Ghosts used to moan. Now they … phone.

A strange message, a deserted beach house, a shocking incident from the past … Selkie Moon’s life will change forever.

When a text message from a long lost friend lures Selkie Moon to Crystal Cottage, the chilling events from a house-party four years earlier wrap her in ghostly fingers and turn her life upside-down.

A prequel to the Selkie Moon Mystery Series plus your bonus first chapter of The First Lie. Read Laying Ghosts for a standalone 60-minute adrenaline rush or as a taste of the Selkie Moon Mystery Series: The First Lie, The Second Path and The Third Note (coming soon).

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Laying Ghosts – Kindle eBook Details:
Publication Date: September 16, 2016
Publisher: Celestial Hedgehog Pty Ltd
File Size: 1207 KB
Print Length: 48 pages

Author: Virginia King

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