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The Last Pantheon – Kindle eBook Description: “Devonmir, there is not a worse place to be found in all of eastern Agara, son. It was in the summer of 345, at least I think that was the year. So do you remember Saberrak the Gray, the minotaur from Unlinn? He was once again a prisoner, in a foul place not far from us in fact.” I speak to see if a tale of mine can stir his tired spirit enough to have a full belly before bed. My mind wanders to where I have possibly left off, a year ago. “Yes, but I want to hear about giants, dada.”

“Then listen closely, for Saberrak knows much of giants. I can tell you what I know of him, and that is in no small fashion, about giants.” I stand him up on his bed, pulling the laid out tabard and pants over and under as he balances his hand on my shoulder.

"Giants as big as a knight from Shanador?" "Four times that, son, from the Misathi Mountains. Real giants..."

Saberrak the Gray is once more in the arena, and this time, Chalas Kalaza and the White Spider are closing in. Join the minotaur gladiator as he tries to survive the horrors of the underground criminal world, yet not alone. Shinayne, Gwenneth, Azenairk, and Sir James are not about to let him meet a foul end without a fight. The mystical journey westward to the ruins of Kakisteele hangs by a thread as our heroes delve into the depths of Ajastaphan Arena. Nearby, the blood runs with vengeance in Willborne, as the dragon, Rynnth, is awakened and most displeased. Kaya T'Vellon is searching for a way out of the Emerald Eight and her life of murder for Johnas Valhera. Chazzrynn is on the brink of civil war and Harlaheim is under the questioning eyes of the Church, and Kalzarius. Kendari of Stillwood has a journey of the darkest sorts ahead, yet he has not forgotten the once carriers of the Scroll of Annar. An epic fantasy two decades in the making, The Last Pantheon introduces readers to a dark new realm of legendary heroes and forgotten myths. Of ghosts and giants is the third in the series, and will be followed with the next installment, of hammers and storms.

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The Last Pantheon – Kindle eBook Details:
Publication Date: December 7, 2016
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
File Size: 6223 KB
Print Length: 510 pages

Author: Jason Jones

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