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The Intern Installment – Kindle eBook Description: The Intern Installment

A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance


I ran one of the most successful Architecture companies in the world, well-known to everyone in the business. I was involved in every aspect of the daily activities, though one of my least favorite parts was interviewing for interns every year.

It was something that came along with the company and a great learning tool for the students, so I kept it as something we did. I just typically left it to my managers who were more hands on with the teams to figure out who to hire out of all of the faces that we saw.

I started caring the moment that Elisa walked in the door. She was everything that I didn’t look for in a woman: sweetness, innocence, and inexperience. She was guarded and intelligent, and I fought to keep her out of my company against the wishes of everyone else at that interview.


I was excited about the interview to intern at Elkus Manfredi Architecture since it carved out a perfect future for me. I excelled at school and was recommended for the position, a requirement that wasn’t easy to obtain. I dressed the part, made the perfect resume outlining my experience and went into the building with my head high. Until I saw him; the most gorgeous man that I’d ever seen in my life. He first caught my attention in the elevator and then in the room where I was to be interviewed.

I knew that regardless if I got the position or not, I’d never forget the way that he made me feel. I’d never forget the way he heated me up, shook me to my very core.

Could I handle working with him? Could I ignore the intensity between us with my future in mind?

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The Intern Installment – Kindle eBook Details:
Publication Date: December 28, 2016
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
File Size: 1971 KB
Print Length: 260 pages

Author: Michelle Love

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