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Instantly Raise Your Self Confidence – Kindle eBook Description: Check Out the Fantastic Reader Reviews

"Umesh has a talent for getting to the heart of the matter and with “Instant Confidence” he skilfully guides you through the process of finding the real you"., "I found this book really inspirational for me"

"This is a good book if you need to work on your confidence and increase it FAST"

"Very effective and easy to read"

"I love how this book flows from one point to the next and when all is said and done it just leaves you feeling "complete." If you are looking to learn "how" to get confident, this is the book for you!"

"Definitely one of the better kindle books I've gotten in awhile."

Instantly Raise Your Self Confidence a journey that anyone can take to create amazing internal transformation.

Learn how authentic Inner Confidence can create rich and meaningful relationships in your social, personal and professional life. By helping to understand yourself first, and how your thoughts and feelings influence your behaviour, you're in stronger position to create the change you're looking for.

The book takes you through a structured set of exercises that help you to understand yourself first, identify your strengths, the areas where you need to focus on to grow, and apply it to the relevant areas of your life.

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Author: Umesh Damania

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