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Honor Crowned – Kindle eBook Description: The coming war brings many changes to the kingdom, most of them bad. By order of the King Jorem must give up his secret identity as the soldier Rim and take up his true name to lead men on a mission aimed more to keep him out of the way than to accomplish anything. He must earn the trust of a people who have lost all at the order of his father, a people who still think of him as the spare. When he finds himself faced with an enemy force out of his deepest nightmares, Prince Jorem will have to rely on the help of some unlikely heroes.

Betrayal and deceit are just a few of the challenges coming his way. With the help of friends both new and old, Jorem will have to find a way to overcome not only the enemies’ secret army but the uncertainties and insecurities that come with a boy newly become a man.

Check to make sure the price is still $2.50 before downloading the book.

Author: Michael G. Southwick

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