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The Great Infinity – Kindle eBook Description: The sole survivor of the most powerful civilization, the Coresie, has found present-day Earth. The time has come to find and convert followers to the new experiment, in the hope for answers to the mystery of the Great Infinity, the final energy that controls the inner workings of the universe.

The first follower has been selected to become the Witness, the bearer of the Coresie's knowledge. The Witness is shown an event called the Honey Trap that took place over a million years ago, when the Vierconey race discovered the Coresie, throwing their entire world into turmoil.

All the followers have one thing in common: their backgrounds. Many have buried secrets, from hardships and troubled pasts. They must come to terms with an offer that seems only too irresistible, that to deny would seem to be a sure folly. Despite their expectations, some struggle to fulfil the dreams of this new hope. The path is littered with destruction as the weary fight for the answers to walk the greatest journey of all!

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The Great Infinity – Kindle eBook Details:
Publication Date: August 31, 2016
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
File Size: 1366 KB
Print Length: 229 pages

Author: Logan Mc Donagh

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