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The Fifth Wife – Kindle eBook Description: “Once one has rescued a sheep, one feels a little differently toward mutton stew.” Charles Fontaine, The New Forest, 1817

Running away into the New Forest, in the depths of winter, isn’t the wisest course of action. But for Miss Hannah Derby, it’s her only escape. She doesn’t want to be part of anyone’s inheritance, let alone a man she’s never met. Charles Fontaine has never heard of the Penvale traditions or bequests, until he learns he’s inherited all of them. He’s tempted to run away as well, but Madam Fate won’t let that happen. She drives him into the New Forest, where he encounters a blizzard, sheep, the best ale he’s ever tasted—and one Hannah Derby. The destiny they’re both trying to avoid will bring them together to face danger, and breathtaking passion…all part of becoming the Fifth Wife.

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The Fifth Wife – Kindle eBook Details:
Publication Date: SK Private Label Publications
Publisher: March 18, 2016
File Size: 187 pages
Print Length: 187 pages

Author: Sahara Kelly

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