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The Fairy Princess’s Crown – Kindle eBook Description: The Fairy Princess's Crown Enchanting, magical, amusing bedtime story about a little girl who loves fairies & dressing up. With beautiful, vibrant illustrations. Ages 3 - 8

When Emily finds what she thinks is a fairy’s ring in the wood, she wears it on her finger as part of her fairy dressing up outfit. But back in fairyland the Fairy Princess’s Crown has gone missing because naughty Fairy Dandelion borrowed it and then lost it. Unless the princess has it for her coronation at midnight the Evil One will claim that she is the true queen by fairy law and that will be the end of fairies. When Emily is asleep, Fairies Dandelion, Lilac and Snowdrop come looking for the crown. They see something shining on Emily’s finger ”�

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5 stars 24 May 2016

"Beautiful fairy story! Perfect for all the little girls that love fairies and princess. It's a great bedtime story with lovely and vibrant illustrations that takes you on a midnight fairy journey."

5 stars Lovely children's fairy mystery! 22 May 2016

"What a charming book. Delightful tale, and the illustrations were so vibrant in deep primary colors that captured the spirit of the story and were absolutely captivating. Great job!"

5 stars Funny Fairies 1 Jun. 2016

"My daughter loved the fairies personalities, especially how Lilac was causing problems and was very mischievous. My daughter especially liked dandelion and snowdrop’s fairy names!"

5 stars Five Stars 1 Jun. 2016

"Beautiful illustrations! My niece loves fairy's and loved this story. A very charming journey."

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"I don't usually get kindle books for my child but as we were going abroad I loaded 3 onto my ipad, 1 that we already knew and 2 new ones. The story is great, cleverly written with a little bit of nice, but not over the top, repetition. The true test of the book however is that my child kept asking for the story so I had to read it each night! It's probably the rhythm but also the sweet ending. If your child likes fairies he or she will love this story."

"What an enchanting story! I so enjoyed sharing this with my grandchildren ages 3 and 6 and they were absolutely captivated by it. They wanted me to read on to find out what happened next. Not only is the story itself delightful, but the illustrations are stunning. I'm looking forward to seeing more from this author. "

"A wonderful, magical story that was really enjoyed by my grandaughter and niece, aged 6 and 4. They were transfixed! They settled down to sleep, imagining themselves in the magical land of fairies! A lovely bedtime story."

"A lovely story which I am looking forward to reading to my granddaughters "

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The Fairy Princess’s Crown – Kindle eBook Details:
Publication Date: May 19, 2016
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
File Size: 11122 KB
Print Length: 14 pages

Author: Steve Ellis

Author Bio: "Steve Ellis has been writing and narrating stories for children for many years, as well as singing and doing music projects with kids. When he's not writing he may be found mentoring and training teachers of English as a Foreign Language. If he's not doing either, more than likely he can be found making music by playing guitar or keyboard or travelling. Steve currently lives in Kuching, Sarawak (Malaysian Borneo) although he gets back to the UK quite regularly where his grandchildren, Joe and Millie enjoy listening to his stories and sharing their own. "

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