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Diary Of A Squirtle 3 – Kindle eBook Description: The Diary of A Squirtle: The Quest for Glory The third of a series of three. The adventure never stops. Adams and Squirtle, go on to face head-on the many challenges that confronts a Pokémon and its trainer.

Just as we have passionate Pokémon trainers who train Pokémon for pleasure and adventure, we have those who train Pokémon for vice. In this thrilling episode of Squirtle, he falls in the hands of bad Pokémon trainers whose main intention is to make him evil too.

A perfect blend of love and action, this book is worth every time and penny allotted to it. Adams is now vested with the task to save his Pokémon. However, he is not alone! Pokémon lovers both young and older will find solace in this masterpiece.

The dairy of a Squirtle 3, is a unique and fascinating continuation of the series. With fresh plot, suspense, and humor, we experience another dimension of Pokémon Squirtle, as he wrestles head-on with different types of Pokémon – steel, bug, poison, electric, and so much more. He wrestles for life, for fun, and glory.

How will he survive? How does he handle his weakness? And how good he handles his temper when faced with natural enemy like the fire-typed Pokémon? Will he be freed or the evil Pokémon trainer? does he return back to Adams? Will the evil trainers give up without a fight?

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Diary Of A Squirtle 3 – Kindle eBook Details:
Publication Date: January 11, 2017
Publisher: Arwen Jason
File Size: 1241 KB
Print Length: 37 pages

Author: Arwen Jason

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