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Diary – Kindle eBook Description: Cree the Creeper ran away!!

After book 1, when Steve introduced his new creeper friend, Cree, to his friends, they scared him away! Now, Steve is determined to find his new friend and bring him back home. But when the search for Cree leads him into a massive and dangerous underground dungeon, will Steve have the strength and resourcefulness to locate Cree and get out alive?

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Diary – Kindle eBook Details:
Publication Date: August 17, 2016
Publisher: Skeleton Steve Minecraft Diary Books for Kids
File Size: 3743 KB
Print Length: 103 pages

Author: Skeleton Steve

Author Bio: "I'm Skeleton Steve! Thanks for checking out my author page! I’ve been all over the Minecraft world of Diamodia (and others). As an adventurer and a writer, I put together diary books of all of my mob friends' adventures! There are so many interesting stories in Minecraft--one day I hope to put 100+ books out there! Want to learn more about me and where I came from? Sign up for my free newsletter to get news when I publish new books, and join my ""Skeleton Steve Club"" to get regular emails with lots of cool, free Minecraft goodies, tips, maps, seeds, skins, and more! Check it out on my website: Join the Skeleton Steve Club! Want to follow me on social media to get even more updates, see coming cover designs, and talk to me in comments? On Facebook: On Twitter: Did I mention my website? "

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