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Death’s Game – Kindle eBook Description: It’s what happens when two souls die at the same time. Death doesn’t need to take them both. And he would prefer not too. That’s why he fashioned his game. It began a long time ago, when Death had time for such leisure. Now it’s rare that he gets to play. But, now and then, he makes time.

When Cole finds himself face to face with Death, he is offered a chance to extend his life by participating in Death’s game. But in order to do so, another soul must take Cole’s place in the afterlife.

Though he is reluctant, Cole agrees to play Death’s game. Immediately he is thrust into a contest against an unknown competitor, both of them vying for a chance to return to life. The game consists of three challenges, each designed by Death himself, tailored to the individual it is meant to test. Whichever soul wins the most challenges, wins Death’s game.

Cole will be pushed to his limits in Death’s game, though what might be his breaking point is when he discerns who exactly he is fighting against.

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Death’s Game – Kindle eBook Details:
Publication Date: August 14, 2016
Publisher: Brian Caulfield; 1 edition
File Size: 3233 KB
Print Length: 201 pages

Author: Brian Caulfield

Author Bio: "Brian Caulfield is a Long Island native who loves watching his cat torture his dog, both of whom have their own Instagram accounts. Exjasperrated for his cat Jasper, and Bellahandthebeast for his dog Bellah. They're cute, he promises, so if you wanna follow them, they'll follow you back. He is a Fordham University graduate with an Engineering Physics degree who spent his summers working on a farm or on a beach. Soon to be working at the Kennedy Space Center, Brian plans on sending his stories out into space and hoping someone likes it. Failing that, he wants to move into the mountains and chop wood for the rest of his life. He'd like to say in advance, ""Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy it!"" If ya wanna chat, email me at You can always follow me on Twitter @TheBrhinoceros Also, I'm told my snapchat story game is killer, check it out, my username is: bcfresh And I promise, I'll follow back "

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