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12 Hugs to Happiness – Kindle eBook Description: A True Story About the Power of Hugs

12 Hugs to Happiness is a true story of a child from a broken home who finds self-love and acceptance in an unsuspecting place, within himself.

This book shares with children that you do not have to live with Sadness, Loneliness or Anxiety and that it doesn’t matter where you are from, what your current circumstances are or what you are going through...

The power of a hug can totally transform your life and those in it!

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12 Hugs to Happiness – Kindle eBook Details:
Publication Date: March 24, 2016
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
File Size: 6920 KB
Print Length: 31 pages

Author: Forrest Willett

Author Bio: "Forrest Willett has recovered from two traumatic brain injuries: The first one occurred at the age of two and required brain surgery; the second was in 2002 when he was a passenger in a car that lost control while the driver was talking on a cell phone. Returning home from the hospital he had to relearn basic life skills, such as reading, writing, speaking fluently and walking without assistance. It has been a long journey, but he shows that keeping focused on the goal; you can truly amaze yourself and your doctors. He has not only re-learned to read, write and speak fluently, he has become a bestselling author and international speaker. Forrest has also not only overcome depression, he inspires thousands to do the same in his keynote talks and workshops. Forrest shares the concept of 12 Hugs to Happiness (his children's book) in his workshop trainings and keynote speeches. Forrest wrote 12 Hugs to Happiness based on real events that have occurred in his own life. He believes the kid in all of us deserves to be loved. If you'd like to reach out to Forrest, you can connect with him in several ways: ▪ Website: ▪ Facebook:"

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